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58th Polar Expedition to Spitsbergen – Photo report

In August 2022, members of the 58th polar expedition of the University of Silesia to Spitsbergen (Svalbard) returned to Poland. The expedition was the next step in a series of field research on changes in the Arctic’s environment due to accelerated climate warming. Quantitative monitoring and observations of glacier changes in southern Spitsbergen are the...

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“Clean Odra? Why Not” Project

In July 2021, the Silesian Water Centre and the “Why Not” Foundation completed the “Clean Vistula? Why Not” project. As a co-organiser of the endeavour, the University of Silesia took the scientific patronage over the project engaging scientists from various fields: hydrobiologists, hydrologists, chemists, and biologists. The goal of the project was to study water...

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Analogue games as the cure for post-COVID fog | Research by Tomasz Kopczyński, PhD

| Olimpia Orządała | Many people who suffered from COVID-19 complain of brain fog. It is a syndrome of neurological symptoms consisting of, e.g. impaired concentration and short-term memory, disorientation, and fatigue. Brain fog can occur in various diseases such as auto-immune diseases, borreliosis, neurosis, or chronic fatigue syndrome. Recently, it is often heard as...

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