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Waste from aluminium production can help us store energy

|text: Małgorzata Kłoskowicz, PhD| Energy is our future. We won’t survive without it. And although we produce enough of it, we still cannot store it effectively. An international team led by Prof. Eng. Jarosław Polański from the Institute of Chemistry of the University of Silesia in Katowice. The project is implemented as part of the...

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Clean Odra? Soon not | Research by the Silesian Water Centre UŚ

Start of the expedition in Ostrava | archive of Andrzej Woźnica | Weronika Cygan | „We were the last to see the deceased alive. We crossed the river exactly five days before the catastrophe” says Andrzej Woźnica, PhD, Associate Professor, director of the Silesian Water Centre (ŚCW) of the University of Silesia, who participated in...

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