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Education for climate | Questionnaire research by A. Guza, PhD, and M. Ochwat, PhD

photo: Steven Kamenar | Unsplash Related articles “Humanistic forecast for climate” | Research by A. Guza, PhD and M. Ochwat, PhD “Polish philologists in the face of climate change” | Scientists report Students on climate. Systemic changes in education are necessary | Report of researchers from the University of Silesia “Parents in the face of...

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“Parents in the face of climate change” | Report from scientists of the University of Silesia

| Magdalena Ochwat, PhD, and Anna Guzy, PhD |   It is already the third and last report regarding the most important representatives of the educational process – teachers, students, and parents – in the face of climate change. Earlier, in 2021, Magdalena Ochwat, PhD and Anna Guzy, PhD, from the Interdisciplinary Centre for Research...

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Our Water Resources Are Becoming Scarce. Interview with Dr. Sławomir Sitek about DEEPWATER-CE Project

On the one hand, we hear more and more about the periods of draught and heatwaves in Poland; on the other hand – about the increasing extreme atmospheric phenomena, such as violent storms and downpours that result in floods. Such phenomena, which also occur in other Central European countries, are very important for the efficient...

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Prof. Piotr Skubała’s Speech at Climate Law & Governance Day 2019

One of the accompanying events of this year’s Climate Change Conference COP25 organised in Madrid was “Climate Law & Governance Day 2019” – a symposium on building legal foundations for climate protection efforts.  The event on 6 December 2019 included an expert panel entitled „Climate Protection Problems and Policy Directions from a Post-COP24 Polish Perspective”....

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