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Board exam, board credit

A board exam or a board credit test are extraordinary methods of assessing the learning effects. They may be granted only if requested by the student and only in justified cases.

The application has to be submitted within 5 days after the results of the retake exam or the last credit test were announced.

The student submitting the application needs to mention specific failures, e.g. to question the way the exam was conducted by proving that s/he was assessed on the basis of different criteria than the other students. Obtaining a negative grade as such and the student’s willingness to retake the exam or test once again are not sufficient reasons to grant a board exam or credit test.

The Dean will decide whether the application is justified, and, if his/her decision is positive, s/he will set the date of the board exam/test. If the Dean’s decision is negative, the student may appeal to the Rector within 14 days from the delivery or announcement of this decision.

The examination board will assess the student. In most cases, it will be an oral exam or test (but it may also take a different form, e.g. written). The student may specify in the application which form s/he would prefer, but the Dean will make a final decision on this.

A representative of the Student Government, the year’s or the group’s mentor or the Student and PhD Student Ombudsperson may participate in the board exam/test as an impartial observer. The student has to ask for this in the application for a board exam/test.

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