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Readmission is possible if the student who was expelled had previously completed at least the first year of an undergraduate (1st level) programme or a long-cycle MA/MSc programme, or had previously completed at least the first semester of a graduate (2nd level) programme.

Another condition that you have to meet is submitting your application for readmission after a break that is not longer than 3 years from the date when the semester that you failed to complete ended.

An application for the first readmission is considered by the Dean of the relevant Faculty.

If a student was expelled again, s/he needs to submit his/her application for readmission to the Rector, who (in exceptional circumstances) may readmit the student once again. This application needs to be submitted via the Dean.

In each case when a student applies for readmission, his/her achievements so far are taken into consideration (e.g. progress, repeating modules or semesters). This means that the decision is not always positive.

If a student was expelled because s/he failed to complete a semester, after the readmission s/he will start with the semester following the one that s/he successfully completed. The semesters for which the student had a conditional pass do not count, as they have not been completed.

If the only reason the student was expelled was that s/he had failed to submit his/her diploma thesis, readmission is possible after a break that is not longer than 3 years from the date the student was expelled. An application submitted after this date will be rejected (unless the student submits an application for restitution of the deadline at the same time).

In this case, the student will be admitted to the last semester, so that s/he has the possibility to finish and submit the diploma thesis and to take the diploma exam. The Dean will appoint the teacher who will supervise the student’s thesis.

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