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Individual Organization of Studies

IOS, or the individual organization of studies, is a form of assistance granted for one semester which means your classes may be organized differently. It is meant for students whose current situation prevents them from continuing to study in accordance with the general rules. It allows the student to:

  • individual arrangement of learning within a given course (module) – selecting a group, arranging the time of the contact hours, in particular leaving the classes earlier, absence in some of the classes, etc.;
  • individual arrangement of the time and method of verification of learning effects (exams, tests), taking into consideration the timetable for a given programme.

A student who has received the Dean’s consent for IOS participates in the classes in accordance with the rules accepted by the Dean. S/he does not have to participate in the classes within all the courses on the basis of the general rules. In case of these courses, however, s/he needs to arrange with the teacher the way of participating in the classes and the way of obtaining the credits.

IOS may apply to all the courses foreseen in the curriculum for a given semester or only to some. In the latter case, for the rest of the courses the student is obliged to participate in the classes on the basis of the general rules.

The Dean may withdraw his/her consent for IOS if the student fails to meet the agreed conditions.

Who can apply for IOS?

  • a pregnant student;
  • a student who is a parent – irrespective of the child’s age;
  • in other cases – each student, if there are some circumstances justifying granting this student IOS, in particular studying a second programme or specialty, participation in a student exchange.

Application for IOS

A student who wants to apply for IOS has to download the relevant application form. In the application, the student:

  • justifies his/her request;
  • lists the courses that s/he wishes to complete within the IOS mode;
  • for each of the listed courses, arranges the conditions of participating in the classes and of obtaining the credits with the teacher (if the teacher’s opinion is missing or is negative, this course will have to be completed in accordance with the general rules);
  • enters the conditions into the form and asks the teacher for his/her signature.

The complete application is to be submitted to the Dean’s Office.


Your application for IOS needs to be submitted anew for each semester, preferably at the beginning of this semester.

Required documents

  • sample application for IOS: parent, second programme (specialty), student exchange (download form)
  • sample application for IOS: other cases (download form)

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