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Individual course of studies (ITS)

ITS, or the individual course of studies, consists in selection of courses (modules) within the framework of a given programme and beyond, also involving the student’s participation in research, development and implementation activities – considering the student’s individual interests.

If the student obtains ITS, the period of studying may be shortened.

Who may apply for ITS?

  • a student who completed the first semester of his/her programme and obtained the average grade above 4.0 (the didactic board of a given programme may raise the required average grade); or
  • a student who has been employed by the University as a result of obtaining an individual or team grant for financing of research; or
  • a student who graduated from a 1st level course obtaining the ‘excellent’ grade on his/her diploma and continues at the 2nd level, submitting a written detailed programme of the intended implementation of ITS is required; or
  • a student who is a laureate or finalist of a central-level scientific olympics or a laureate of an international or national contest – from the start of the programme s/he is studying.

Application for ITS

A student applying for ITS submits to the Dean the list of courses in which s/he intends to participate, including the conditions of participating in the classes and of obtaining the credits arranged individually with the teachers. The Dean decides whether to grant the student ITS, considering the student’s progress, interests and endowments. When granting ITS, the Dean appoints a mentor to the student (taking into account the student’s suggestions) and specifies the detailed conditions of studying within ITS on the basis of the mentor’s request and after consulting the relevant Degree Programme Director.

If the student fails to fulfil the conditions specified in the ITS curriculum, the Dean may withdraw his/her consent for ITS.

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