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Dean’s leave

When the student is not able to participate in classes for important reasons, s/he is entitled to apply for Dean’s leave. It is important to submit such an application immediately after the circumstances that prevent you from participating in classes came into being.

Usually, the reason for which  a student gets this kind of leave is an important event in his/her life that limits his/her ability to participate in classes. The leave enables you to lawfully stop attending classes, and then to return and to continue studying.

A student can be granted a short leave of up to 6 weeks.

A student who has to repeat a semester can be granted a leave lasting one semester.

A student may also apply for a one-year leave.

Pregnancy leave

The period of leave for a pregnant student established by law is the period until the date of birth of the child. If the end of the leave falls during the semester, it can be extended until the end of the semester. The university cannot deny such leave. A medical certificate should be attached to the application, and the application should later be supplemented with the child’s birth certificate.

Short-time absence in classes does not require taking a leave. In such a case, the reasons for such absence should be reported to the teacher at the latest during the first class in which the student participates after a break.

Parental leave

The maximum leave period for mothers and fathers who are students is one year. If the end of the leave falls during the semester, it can be extended until the end of the semester. The university cannot deny such leave. The application for leave should be submitted within 1 year from the date of birth of the child. A birth certificate must be attached to the application.

Health leave

A student whose health prevents him/her from participating in classes for some time is entitled to a health leave.

Additional information on leaves

  • the total length of leaves may not exceed 2 years during the whole period of studying, which does not apply to health leaves;
  • receiving a short-term leave (up to 6 weeks) does not exempt the student from the duty to obtain the semester credits in time;
  • during the leave, the student is entitled to participate in tests and exams – the intention to do so should be included in the application for leave;
  • a student may receive a one-year leave under the condition that s/he has successfully completed the semester;
  • in justified cases, the Dean may grant the leave although the student has not completed the semester;
  • after the leave, the student is obliged to make up for the differences resulting from changes in the curriculum;
  • during the leave the student retains all his/her rights as a student;
  • entitlement to various financial assistance during leave is subject to separate regulations.

The legal basis for granting leaves is § 32of the Rules and Regulations of studies at the University of Silesia.


Each application requires your handwritten signature.

An application for a leave should also contain an appropriate justification.

Update your contact details to receive an answer to your application without delay.

Required documents

Dean’s leave:

  • Application for a Dean’s leave

Pregnancy leave:

  • Doctor’s certificate
  • Application for a leave

Parental leave:

  • A xerox copy of the child’s birth certificate
  • Application for a parental leave

Health leave:

  • Doctor’s opinion on the necessity of a health leave
  • Application for a health leave

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