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Transfer to the University of Silesia from another university

A student enrolled at a different university may request a transfer to the University of Silesia. In order to do this, s/he needs to:

  • submit an application for a transfer including a justification to the competent body of the university at which s/he is enrolled to obtain an opinion;
  • submit the application with the opinion to the Dean of the Faculty to which the student wishes to transfer (at the University of Silesia);
  • attach the relevant documentation confirming the course of studies the student has followed until now (a xerox copy of the record book, a student achievement sheet, etc.).

If the Dean agrees to admit the student, s/he will specify the detailed conditions of the transfer, including the semester to which the new student will be admitted, the curriculum differences to be made up for and the deadline to do this.

Detailed conditions of transfers are often specified by internal regulations of an individual Faculty (e.g. the deadline to submit the application, completing the first year of the programme, the minimum average grade obtained so far, etc.).

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