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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Research centres

Centre for Polar Studies

Interdisciplinary studies on the natural environment of the Arctic and Antarctic at a global level and education of young scientists.


Silesian Water Centre

An inter-faculty research team conducting research, development, implementation, dissemination, and teaching activities related to water and water management.


University Laboratory for Atmosphere Control (ULAC)

The scientists from the University of Silesia investigate air quality, sources of pollution, and directions of its movement, having at their disposal a hot air balloon with a mobile laboratory. It is part of the University Laboratory for Atmosphere Control (ULAC). A stationary laboratory equipped with the apparatus for testing atmospheric pollution is also part of this laboratory.


Research Centre for Public Policy and Regulatory Governance (RCPPRG)

This interdisciplinary centre conducts scientific and research activity in the field of the most important regulatory problems and challenges that are part of the public policy domain.


Interdisciplinary Centre for Staff Development (ICSD)

The Centre acts as a partner for the science and higher education sector by conducting research activities in the field of improving human resource management processes


SPIN-Lab Centre for Microscopic Studies on Matter

Coordinating and conducting research and education activity in the field of nano- and microscopy, disseminating results of those researches, and implementing the results into economic practice.

Interdisciplinary Centre for Research on Humanistic Education

Integrating the research work of specialists in humanities and glottodidactics in the field of contemporary methodologies of education of teachers of individual subjects.

Polish-Chinese Centre for Environmental Research

Research on the influence of climate change on the shaping of the environment and settlement of areas located in the maritime temperate, continental, and tropical temperate climate zones.

Centre for Critical Technology Studies

Initiating and maintaining dialogue between science, culture, and art within the technosphere.

Centre for the Law of Design, Fashion and Advertising

The Centre is composed of artists, lawyers, and representatives of science and industry; based on the theory and practice of applying intellectual property law, we foster the development of artistic thought and business strategies.

Research Centre for Public Competition Law and Sector Regulation

The Centre is engaged in scientific activity in the field of research on legal, economic, technical, and social aspects of competitiveness protection, as well as sectoral and economic regulation.

Centre for Nordic and Old English Studies

Scientists associated with the Centre for Nordic and Old English Studies deal with the history and culture of medieval Scandinavia and England. In the Middle Ages, both these areas were linked by strong political, economic, culture, and linguistic bonds. Research on the history of Scandinavia and England makes an important contribution to a better understanding of the European Middle Ages.

The Centre for Nordic and Old English Studies is the first unit of this kind in Poland; it deals not only with the geographical aspects of the researched areas, but also with history and literary studies.


Game Lab Design Centre

Design and research of multi-purpose virtual environments.

Roma Research Centre

Research on the identity and culture of the Roma.

Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Carpathian Folklore

Interdisciplinary research on folklore in the Carpathian area.

University Centre for Creative Citizenship

University Centre for Creative Citizenship (UCKO) conducts research projects, which result in developing new ideas and concepts of citizenship activities. The Centre, based mainly on the activity of young academics, has been established for the purpose of conducting interdisciplinary scientific and educational activity in cooperation with the environment.

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