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Medal of the University of Silesia

The Medal of the University of Silesia is a medal granted to persons or institutions that have particularly contributed to the permanent development of the University through their activities, especially through:

  • strengthening high position of the University in Poland and abroad by undertaking initiatives promoting the University in the sphere of public life,
  • radical improvement in the construction or equipment infrastructure (new facilities, significant modernization increasing the utility and aesthetic values of the facilities, purchase of unique and expensive research equipment, etc.),
  • enriching the collection of the Library of the University of Silesia with unique works of special value for science and art, enriching teaching and museum collections with specimens of special value for science,
  • development of the University staff through permanent funding of doctoral and scientific scholarships or other forms of supporting doctoral students and employees of the University,
  • permanent funding of scholarships for students,
  • donations to the University that significantly improve its material situation,
  • other measurable and lasting benefits to the University.

The Medal design was designed by Professor Jerzy Fober from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Silesia. Applications for the Award of the Medal are presented until the last day of February each year to the Rector who is the chairperson of the Jury. The Senate passes the resolution to award the Medal in a secret ballot after consulting the Jury. The award is given by the Rector during the celebration day of the University of Silesia.

The winners of the Medal are the following persons:

2013 Prof. Dr. Lothar Pikulik (University of Trier)
2011 Prof. Manfred Neumann (University of Osnabrück)
Prof. Gunnar Borstel (University of Osnabrück)
2008 Piotr Uszok (President of the City of Katowice)
Kazimierz Górski (President of the City of Sosnowiec)
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