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full-text article

DOI: 10.34916/el.2019.11.05

Milena Janakova Silesian University in Opava, School of Business Administration in Karvina (Czech Republic)

Abstract: The paper focuses on e-learning to support IT (information technology) skills for a sustainable society. Perhaps all entrepreneurs are interested in innovation, artificial intelligence and industry 4.0. IT delivers solutions in the form of simulation, alerting, autonomous robots, and machine learning based on artificial intelligence data. For education and e-learning, it is the responsibility to refine the skills of students to work with intelligence and automated processes. Advanced skills are needed to work with an intelligent personal assistant, intelligent knowledge navigator, smart calendar, views of social
media conversation, or personalized marketing. Practical examples are based on experiences from courses devoted to operating systems and CRM systems.

Keywords: automated processes, e-learning, information technology, intelligences, sustainable society


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