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full-text article

DOI: 10.34916/el.2019.11.33

Irena Pulak, Martyna Szczotka Jesuit University of Philosophy and Education „Ignatianum” (Poland)

Abstract: The article presents the results of research conducted with pre-school teachers as part of the international research project ´Kitchen Lab for Kids´ carried out within the framework of Erasmus+. The aim of the interviews was to find out if the teachers know what STEM education is and what skills develop in their pupils, how teachers develop STEM skills in their work, what conditions are needed to develop STEM competences in early childhood education, and what are the opportunities to develop scientific knowledge and skills through activity (learning) based on food/cooking in the early years.

Keywords: STEM, preschool, preschool teachers, kitchen as a laboratory, KLab4Kids


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